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Company Profile

The IT Business Paradigm started in Japan in the year 1985 which had its workforce spin-off in the year 1998 in Cebu, Philippines until present. This is the undeniable fact that there are Filipino talents in the field of IT industry. The Information Technology expertise has been developed by Japanese culture in terms of work ethics, discipline and criteria to perfection. These are the Filipino software engineers, programmers and designers in the country with ultimate passion to create and effective and efficient IT Solution to offer to the market.


Ingram Systems Philippines Corporation, a pioneering software development company in the Mactan Export Processing Zone (MEPZ 1), Lapu-lapu City. Incorporated in October 1998 as the local counterpart of the multinational software company, Internet Solutions limited, it is a vibrant client-oriented provider offering innovative top-notch IT solutions and high-quality software and IT services to its clients. Ingram Systems Phils. Designs reliable client-oriented services and maintains close contact with its clients to provide solutions and systems maintenance. In a bold move aimed at expanding its services and reach, Ingram Systems supported the incorporation of ISL Networks Corporation in September 2007. ISL Networks aims to provide business applications, technical services and support to small and medium enterprise.

Ingram Systems invests a lot in both professional and technological resources for the express purpose of giving the best to its clients. It has now a young, talented, and highly motivated team of IT specialists and software consultants, that actively promotes a policy of investing in IT and software research, especially in development techniques and applications, as well as continuing its ongoing research into new technology and software, and the improvement of its existing tools. Most importantly, Ingram Systems is heavily involved in nurturing client relations and developing insights on how to continue serving its core and secondary market. These efforts have given Ingram Systems a strategically advantageous, for expanding its operations beyond its core business and into both domestic and international markets. Ingram Systems is a Japanese company that prides itself in its ability to be able to provide its clients with high-quality customized applications and services. ISL Networks would be offering the local market the same kind of excellent industry-level quality applications and services it has always delivered to its clients across Asia and the rest of the world. ISL Networks Corp. is Ingram Systems assurance to its domestic clients that its products are of the same high quality and integrity, and its services are of the same client-centric approach that its current clients have always valued.

The A Team:

A group of professionals with over 15 years or more experience in their chosen field of interest, passion and dedication. We hire individuals to join the team because they love to do the job and are happy to work with us. A business platform which is simple that is to simply love what we do and excel in terms of our innovative ideas and concepts.

The Work Groups:

Sales Group

Marketing Group

Accounting Group

Research and Development Group

Human Resource and Admin Group

Operations Group

Creative Design Group

Our Core Values:

INTEGRITY – in our business relationships

RESPECT – to employees, work group, partners, suppliers, clients and society

RESPONSIBILITY – in taking ownership to all our work requirements and services offered

We ultimately offer value for money service; our quotations will be based on the work load requirement and not mere guess work.